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ABOUT US - History

A Tradition Of Community Values
Oxford Bank was founded in 1884 as an institution rich in the values of 19th century America. Personal involvement and investment in our community were foremost among these. Life today is far more complex, but the values we held then still apply as we now face the challenges that the 21st century presents. Our ambition at Oxford Bank is to provide our customers a complete array of modern financial services, yet keep the same concern for our community that was the hallmark of a much simpler time.

Today, Oxford Bank combines traditional banking with state of the art technology, products, and services. We continuously seek new ways to fulfill the needs of new businesses while adhering to the sound banking principles on which we were founded.

Our employees, officers, directors and their families actively participate in the communities we serve. We know our customers' needs because they are our neighbors. Oxford Bank plays a role in the prosperity of our neighborhoods and businesses. Our communities grow alongside us as together we strive to meet the challenges of tomorrow, and our neighbors come to realize their dream.

Our founders could not have imagined that banking would be as it is today. But they gave our bank a sense of partnership with the communities we serve...a solid 19th century foundation upon which we will continue to build throughout the 21st century.