KetronName: Andrew Ketron

Title: Commercial Underwriter

Year Joined: 2016

Where did you work before Oxford Bank? Doing what? Hantz Bank, as a commercial analyst.

What was Oxford Bank like when you first joined? What has changed? When I first came to Oxford Bank we were in the middle of several large projects, with a great deal of forward momentum. Now that it is nearly a year later, it is inspiring to see that several of those large projects have been concluded, some nearing their completion, and there are several new projects that have taken their place.

What has been your proudest moment at work? Instead of a single moment, what brings me the most pride is assisting the Bank’s customers in the loan process. This brings me pride because I enjoy helping Borrower’s obtain financing for their business(es).

What does working at Oxford Bank mean to you? Working at Oxford Bank means a great deal to me. I work with a very driven team
that works well together, and still has a good amount of fun along the way. It is the people and co-workers at Oxford Bank that keeps me
motivated and inspired.

Tell us a little about your life outside of work. I enjoy going to museums, zoos, and historical exhibits with my girlfriend, and playing video games with friends who live across Michigan and out of state.