Name: Gaby Martinez

Title: Customer Service Representative

Year Joined: 2015

Where did you work before Oxford Bank? Doing what? I work at OLHSA for five years; then, I decided that I needed to be home with my kids, and I become a stay home mom for two years, before coming to Oxford Bank.

What was Oxford Bank like when you first joined? What has changed? Oxford Bank was quiet and there wasn't much going on. Now, everything changed for the better. We have new accounts and even new employees (so many sometimes it's hard to keep up!). I would say that Oxford is blooming in the right direction and am happy to be part of it.

What has been your proudest moment at work? At the beginning of the year we met our branch goal - it was cool to see everyone working together.

What does working at Oxford Bank mean to you? Well that’s easy for me - working for Oxford Bank is not just a job, it's my career!

What is something about yourself most people wouldn't know? I don’t like pets (sorry pet lovers). I just don’t like to see a pet left home for long hours, all day long! Also, I don't like their smell. HOWEVER, my daughters have a dog, and she is adorable.