Su Strangway
Name: Su Strangway

Title: Operations Specialist

Year Joined: 2007

Where did you work before Oxford Bank? Doing what? I managed two JoAnn Fabrics stores in Auburn Hills and Jackson. The first company I worked for was IBM in Uithoorn, Holland, designing educational slides.

What was Oxford Bank like when you first joined? What has changed? 10 years ago, paper ruled; tellers hand-stuffed statements with physical checks kept in the vault and retention boxes multiplied when no one was looking in the basement. Just about everythign has changed; except how we feel about our customers. 

What has been your proudest moment at work? I was helping a customer balance his deceased mother’s checkbook, and discovered a life insurance policy she had with him as beneficiary that he didn’t know about.

What does working at Oxford Bank mean to you? I’m lucky enough to have a job that enhances my life. I work with great people, learn new stuff all the time, and feel appreciated!

What is something about yourself most people wouldn't know? I used to model - somewhere there's a paperback with me on the front, and the painting of me was in the Smithsonian.

Tell us a little about your life outside of work. Between my husband Charlie and I, we have: one antique business, my mom and her boyfriend, two dogs, three cats, five kids, eleven grandkids, two great-grandkids, a pontoon boat, and various antique cars and motorcycles. In our little spare time, we like to go motorcycle riding, travelling, and entertaining; most of the time I take pictures of it all.