Every local business has a story worth sharing with the community. That is the belief behind Oxford Bank’s “Business Spotlight” series – to shine spotlight on all of our favorite local businesses and connect businesses with their surrounding communities.

This month’s spotlight is You, Me, and Bubble Tea, located in Davison, Michigan. 

Amanda Wilcox: What inspired you to start your business?Bubble Tea Logo

Amanda & Jammie: 

We both have worked our steady normal jobs for years, but the two of us have wanted to do something different for a long time. We talked about several different ideas, and one night we went to have tea with our husbands, and decided that this would be a great franchise opportunity. We know this business and market is very up-and-coming, so it’s a great time to bring Bubble Tea to Davison. We just had our grand opening on Saturday, May 10th. Jammie and I have been friends since fourth grade so it’s been an exciting experience to do this together.

AW: What products/services do you sell?

AJ: Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan and has worked its way over to other countries. It started with tapioca beads in the tea and branched out from there. You can have your drink as an iced tea, smoothie, or slushy, with bobas or poppers, and you can customize your tea with flavors.

Bobas are tapioca based and soaked in fruit juice, and poppers are tapioca based and filled with fruit juice that will burst with flavor in the tea. We also carry Dip ‘n Dots, and we have a baker that provides us with macarons and cake balls as well. We have a bar and tables set up to allow people to relax and enjoy their tea and treats. It’s quite a lovely experience.

AW: What’s the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors? Why are you known for that?

AJ: We are one-of-a-kind in this area right now. The first YM&BT is in Oxford on Main Street, and the Boba is what separates us from your normal coffee and tea shop . . . it’s what makes the tea, bubble tea!

IMG951019AW: What has been your business’ proudest moment? Why?

AJ: Being able to open the doors and see the same foot traffic coming back repeatedly is exciting. We’ve had great reviews and it’s very encouraging that without advertisement we have been as busy as we’ve been! We are looking forward to the summer and what will come!

AW: What has been the biggest risk you ever took for your business? What was it, what could have gone wrong, and what was the end result?

AJ: The biggest risk is investing our life savings — risking it all to open up a business is scary. We knew we wanted to do something different versus what we’d been doing for years, and our husbands supported our dream and have helped make it a reality. We decided to do it in January, and here we are in May opening! It’s wonderful to be a small business in a community we love, and we are looking forward to growing!

AW: Tell us something interesting/fun about your business.

AJ: We’ve known one another for so long; we talked when we were kids about opening our own business together, so after marriage and kids and continuing to stay friends after all these years is truly a dream come true! To come to work and work with your best friend every day is fun!IMG951022

AW: What is your favorite product that you sell? 

AJ: We have put up recipes, and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake slushy  has been a huge hit! We made a peanut butter and chocolate smoothie with a cream cheese topping that’s great, and then a strawberry lemonade iced tea! We have some many great recipes and ideas that you could get something different each time you come!


 You, Me, and Bubble Tea

715 N. State Rd, Davison, MI 48323

Sun - Thurs 11am - 9pm  |  Fri 11am - 11 pm  |  Sat 10am - 11pm