Every local business has a story worth sharing with the community. That is the belief behind Oxford Bank’s “Business Spotlight” series – to shine spotlight on all of our favorite local businesses and connect them with their surrounding communities.

Every local business has a story worth sharing with the community. That is the belief behind Oxford Bank’s “Business Spotlight” series – to shine spotlight on all of our favorite local businesses and connect businesses with their surrounding communities.IMG_7626

This month’s spotlight is Veda’s Uniques and More.

AW: What inspired you to start your business?

V: My husband is in construction, and I was a manager for Tim Horton’s for five years. I’ve always wanted to have a coffee shop of my own, and now I have one with a little bit of everything else. The mom and pop store feel . . . you don’t see it anymore, and I wanted to have one of my own. I always said I wanted to move to Dryden, and I drove by this location for years; and the building has been vacant for over 30 years. When my family and I moved to Metamora, we drove by the building around Christmas of 2016. We decided to stop by and see it, and the rest is history — I had to have it. After a lot of convincing and praying, we were able to purchase the store and begin to make it our own.

AW: What products and services do you sell??

V: Michigan made: coffee, fresh sandwiches and soups, cheesecakes, old time candy, local honey’s and jams; we have a dog product line, an antique store upstairs, and also candles and bath bombs that I personally make, which I’ve been doing for over 13 years.

AW: What’s the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors? Why are you known for that?

V: I’m the only store like this in Dryden. I have a variety of bakery and food items, along with local signage and
handmade items. I’m personable and friendly, and love my customers and this town. That’s what brings people back over and over. We want feedback, too. We ask what people like and what they want, and we try to make sure we have items for them. I’m open Monday’s because most of the shops are closed downtown on Monday’s, and I want to be available for my customers.

IMG_7620AW: What’s been your business’ proudest moment? Why?

V: Seeing the kids happy when they see the candy counter. There’s a lot of candy you don’t see every day, and even the adult’s get a kick. Seeing someone smile makes my day, and it’s a proud moment.

AW: Tell us something interesting/fun about your business.

V: My daughter made our logo on the front door. She’s quite the artist at 14! We are very unique, though — we have a variety of everything from your home to your kitchen to your pets. And then we feed you while you’re here! The jarred cheesecakes are just wonderful! We are unique!

AW: What is your favorite product you sell?

V: The candy. It was my dream when I opened the store to have this candy counter. It brings everyone back to a more simple way of life and simpler time. It’s a dream come true.

A note from Veda, about the building: More than 30 years ago, our building was a IMG_7625
bakery. After the bakery closed, it sat vacant, and for over 30 years it’s been empty. When we purchased it, we knew there was going to be a ton of work involved. We renovated the building, and used a lot of the wood that was originally part of the bakery as part of our
décor. When I came in and bought the building, there wasn’t even heat; we had to get heat in here. We’ve reused wood and doors all over the store to make it unique. It took five months of long hours and a lot of work on our hands and knees to make this store the way it is today. I was on my hands and knees fixing the floors and staining them to keep them original. It took a full day of sanding the front door to keep that original as well. My husband, our kids, and our parents have all put a lot of heart into this store. I can’t say that it wasn’t a team effort. It’s a dream come true and a true blessing for us to be open and serving our community. Seeing new people come in that haven’t seen it in years and being thanked for opening — it’s an overwhelming support from the community.


Veda’s Uniques and More

5481 Main St, Dryden, MI

M-F: 9am to 5pm, Sat: 9am to 4pm