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We know you like staying plugged in, so make sure you're banking safe with these important tips!


Encrypt your phone: the first line of defense

Encrypt your phone: the first line of defense

Making sure your phone is password-protected is always the most important first line of defense. By setting up a password to open your phone, you protect yourself from individuals who may pick up your phone as they pass by or while you are away from your device. 

Every smart phone comes with the advantage of built-in security functions, such as auto-lock, fingerprint or facial recognition log-in, and remote wipe. Click the links below to learn how to use these on your device

iPhone encryption

Android encryption

Make sure your phone is up-to-date with the latest software

Those pesky software updates are there for a reason - updates can help patch security flaws (let's face it - technology isn't perfect yet), protect your data from hackers, and also helps you keep other devices you're connected to secure. Click the links below to learn how to update your device:

iPhone updates

Android updates

Don't forget the your phone updates aren't the only updates you need to do - Oxford Bank also sends out updates to our Oxford Bank Mobile app to keep your security up to date! As a reminder, only update your apps from known and reputable sources. 

Oxford Bank Mobile app security

When it comes to banking, mobile banking makes security a lot easier and convenient because you can check you balances any time, any where. Contact your Personal Banker at 248-628-2533 to set up your online banking. 

As a reminder, you should always log out of mobile banking applications when you have completed your banking activities.

De-register your device if lost or stolen

If your phone gets lost or stolen, it's important to de-register your device from the Oxford Bank Mobile app, and other mobile banking apps, immediately. 

De-register from your computer: go to, and log in to your online banking. Once logged in, click on 'Mobile' from the top toolbar and un-check the box saying 'Enable web access for your mobile device.' Then, hit submit. 

Once you've logged in, click on the tab titled 'Text Mobile Settings.' From there, un-check the box titled 'Enable text access for your mobile device,' then hit 'Submit.' 

Remember - you can always call 248-628-2533 to have your Personal Banker help you de-register your phone from mobile banking!


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