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The safety and security of your information is our top priority. Oxford Bank's online banking is a secure, encrypted system. When you log into your account, a padlock will appear in the URL bar, and it will read 'https://" which indicates a secure connection. Look for both of these when you log in to any online banking portal to make sure your connection is secure.

If you believe your Oxford Bank online banking has been compromised, contact us immediately at (248) 628-2533.

Here are some more ways to make sure that your online banking stays safe:

  • Always use a network you know and that is secure. Public networks in coffee shops, hotels, or other public entities are easily accessible and should never be used while working with confidential information.
  • Don’t use a public or shared computer. Online banking should be conducted on a computer that you know to be safe and secure. If you must use a computer other than your own, make sure to  log out of your account, and clear the browsing history.
  • Protect your answers to security questions, and try to make them varied from other accounts. 
  • Oxford Bank will never ask you for account numbers or passwords by phone or email. Never respond to emails that request your account, credit or debit card information or verification of your personal information via email or a website. Do not send credit or debit card information (even to people you know) via email or text.
  • Only download the Oxford Bank Mobile app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Rates Effective January 18, 2022